Happiness is…Catching an unexpected sunset

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June 17, 2014 by Diana M

I was riding my bike tonight, after visiting my aunt. The sky was pretty cloudy and I thought I was going to get soaked by the time I got home. When I was near my apartment though, I couldn’t help but noticing the rays of sunlight creeping through the gloomy clouds.

Soon after seeing those glimpses, I knew I had to ride my bike on a bridge where I could get a better view. And right then and there, riding my girly looking bicycle, seeing the last rays the sun had to offer, feeling the slightly cold air, I knew that I was simply happy.


I doesn’t take much to make me happy these days. All I need are a couple of random moments, simple yet meaningful moments, and the power to actually recognize them. Sometimes it’s listening to an artist sing, sometimes it’s walking down the streets, sometimes it’s a hug from a friend. But no matter where it comes from, happiness resides in all the small little things adding up to one’s life right now, including mine.

Failing to see them will only lead to missing out on what the world has to offer and also losing a bit of the good that can brighten anyone’s day. How many times have we ended our days with nothing but complain and sorrow, focusing only on the bad instead of the good? How many times have we passed by something beautiful and extraordinary, but were too busy worrying about something completely insignificant, or fidgeting with our phones in hand?

So that prompted me to try and document the little moments of happiness that I sometime experience out of the blue and see if I can increase my own happiness level. Let’s call it a social experiment, which by the way was inspired by lastlemon.com‘s Happy Page.


And today was all about finding my happiness in catching an unexpected sunset.


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