101 things you can learn in a lifetime

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April 16, 2013 by Diana M

never stop learning

Ever since we were little kids, we started to learn all these things that eventually remained with us for the rest of our lives. I still remember the first time I learned to read or the first time I tied on my own shoelaces or made my first french braid. There are some things you never get to learn in a lifetime, like how to swim, but there are also things that no matter how old you get, you still want to know how to do.

You can get some helpful links on 20 things you can learn starting today here, but I want to present to you 101 things you can learn in a lifetime. Let’s see what else is there to learn; what would you add to this list? And what have you already learned?

1. How to read

2. How to ride a bycicle

3. How to swim

4. How to play guitar

5. How to pack your suitcase

6. How to draw

7. How to paint

8. How to make a collage

9. Hot to braid your hair

10. How to make bubbles

11. How to speak a foreign language

12. How to tell the time correctly

13. How to make an omlette

14. How to make french fries

15. How to make your own coffee/tea

16. How to put on your make-up

17. How to knit your own scarf

18. How to write a fairytale

19. How to tell a story

20. How to drive a car

21. How to use a sewing machine

22. How to sew a button on

23. How to use Microsoft Office

24. How to play computer games

25. How to give a presentation

26. How to write a song

27. How to sing

28. How to dance

29. How to to yoga

30. How to meditate

31. How to organize your time

32. How to blog

33. How to code

34. How to make your own website

35. How to use a picture editor

36. How to take pictures

37. How to walk on heels

38. How to ask a girl out

39. How to do a push-up

40. How to shave

41. How to tie your shoelaces

42. How to drink

43. How to party

44. How to write a book

45. How to do math

46. How to make a Christmas Tree

47. How to make your own earrings

48. How to change a light bulb

49. How to use a hammer

50. How to tie a tie

51. How to kiss

52. How to put a condom on

53. How to use a cell phone

54. How to tie a bow tie

55. How to use nail polish

56. How to play a sport

57. How to type on a keyboard

58. How to make a budget

59. How to brush your teeth

60. How to make soup

61. How to take care of a sick person (cold, flu)

62. How to make your own curls

63. How to study

64. How to make a bubble bath

65. How to plan a road trip

66. How to book a flight

67. How to have sex

68. How to do your own laundry

69. How to use a stove

70. How to epilate

71. How to write a letter

72. How to play drums

73. How to buy something online

75. How to use a debit/credit card

76. How to cut your own hair

77. How to make your own costume

78. How to recite a poem

79. How to download something

80. How to flirt

81. How to french kiss

82. How to make pasta

83. How to get a job

84. How to pass an interview

85. How to use Google

86. How to boil eggs

87. How to hula hoop

88. How to play hopscotch

89. How to (ice) skate

90. How to ski

91. How to make a snowman

92. How to iron your own clothes

93. How to do karaoke

94. How to make pancakes

95. How to measure your bra size

96. How to sell something

97. How to do nothing

98. How to read Japanese manga

99. How to save money

100. How to solve a puzzle

101. How to use a xerox

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