Date a girl who dreams


March 2, 2014 by Diana M


I’ve seen a lot of blog posts and articles out there titled “Date a girl who reads” or “Date a boy who travels”. I absolutely adore them, because I feel like they are promoting the right set of values, much of which people these days tend to forget. We’re so wrapped up in designer clothes, selfies and the latest Kim Kardashian pics on Instagram, that we start thinking that these are the things that become our compass when looking for a partner. Truth is, we couldn’t be much further from the truth. What happened to wanting someone who’s honest, and smart and funny and just plain good, to the very core? How do you translate that in today’s Facebook ruled world?

We should be looking for the dreamers and the makers, the creators and innovators, the people whose passion is so visible and transmissible, the people who inspire and can shake you up deep down to your soul. That’s why, when you’re looking for a girl to date, instead of looking at her high heels or Prada handbag, look at her dreams. Instead of loving her curvy shapes and sensual dance moves, love her desire for knowledge and travel.

Date a girl who dreams, a girl who spends her evenings making bright plans for her future, and her days trying to make them happen. A girl who likes thinking about how she can get from point A to point B, how she can grow from who she was yesterday, and how she can make the world a better place to live in.

Date a girl who dreams in colors, and lets her imagination run free. She will have the most colorful stories to tell and the funniest jokes to share. She will always smile truthfully and laugh wholeheartedly. Her personality will radiate from everything she does, and you will be able to spot her in a crowd with no problems.

Date a girl who dreams about the latest books she’s read. She’s fascinated about the worlds that can be created through words, and the only thing that will sadden her is when she closes a finished book.

Date a girl who dreams about traveling the world, and doesn’t stop simply because she is told to stay put, get a job and follow her parents’ pattern. This girl is willing to grab her backpack and hit the road at any given time, because she’s not just a dreamer, she’s an explorer who doesn’t rest until she sees new places.

Date a girl who dreams about true love and romance. As unapproachable as she may seem some time, she still wishes to find a guy who’s just as weird, quirky and as much as a dreamer as she is. She will give her heart to the one that covers her with a blanket when she’s cold, the one that will listen enthusiastically to the new cool thing that has happen to her during the day, the one that wishes her good morning as soon as she’s awake, and tells her goodnight with a kiss right before she goes to sleep.

Date a girl who dreams about making the world a better place, even if it is in small steps. She’s the girl that volunteers, helps the elderly, will always pay attention to the needs of those around her, and will put everyone else before her.

Date a girl who dreams of becoming the next best thing in science, IT or any given profession. She’s the girl who will work her but off to achieve her dreams, and will not give up until she becomes the best she can possibly be. She’s the girl who won’t let her life be dictated by a guy’s wallet, and will not be driven around by a guy’s car. She’s the independent girl who’s not afraid to work hard to get her own car, house, and wallet full of money.

Date a girl who dreams about discovering new passions. She’s the girl that will try pottery today just to master cooking tomorrow. She will love learning to play the guitar just to fall in love with the violin the next day. She’s the kind of girl who will always want to learn more, and will be immediately attracted by other people’s passions.

Date a girl who dreams about night-long conversations over a hot cup of coffee, simple walks along the riverbanks instead of fancy dinners, hours spent in her favorite nook with her favorite books, and weekends away in a new, undiscovered place.

Date a girl who dreams about creating art, in any kind of form. She will love putting words on paper, tie together the musical notes in a melody, splash color on a canvas, tinker away little projects. This is the girl who knows that creating art means growing the soul, so she’s willing to spend days and nights letting her creativity spark wonders and her dreams shape into reality.

Date a girl who dreams, and you will never be bored a day in your life. This is the girl who will hunt adventures, take unexpected rides to places she’s never been before, pun pins in her world map for places she’s already seen and those she still wishes to see. Her spirit is that of a relentless traveler, and she will not rest until she has taken in all the beauty that the world has to offer.

Date a girl who dreams, she will be the girl of your dreams.

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