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April 7, 2013 by Diana M

spreadhappinessLet’s talk about happiness for a bit. And the choice to be happy. And the effect it has on people. Because ultimately, it is a matter of choice, and it does have a contagious effect; just like yawning 🙂

People are always waiting for some outside force to come swooping into their lives, and bless them with the utmost happiness anyone could dream of. They want a healthy and happy family, enough money to do whatever their heart desires, love beyond words, and success to match the trend too. But things don’t always go their way, so they become frustrated, and sad, and miserable, and blame life and God and the people around them for it.

What you should understand though is that when it comes to life, well… shit happens. All the time. People get sick, money gets lost, hearts get broken and you fail more times that you can count. It happens. To everyone. And when it does happen, what are you going to ultimately do? Are you going to hide in a corner and cry, while throwing the blame around? Or are you going to get up and choose to do something about it? Choose to turn that situation around and create your happiness with the circumstances at hand?

Life is not perfect and it will never be perfect. It’s up to you, to each and everyone of you, to take what you have, right here and right now, and make something out of it. Something you can smile and laugh and be happy and proud about.

If people who live on mostly nothing can be happy, why can’t you? If people who have lost more than we would have thought could have been humanly possible can still smile at the end of the day, why can’t you?

Take what you have, make it your own, and be so damn happy about it, that when others look at you, they will instantly become happier too. You have so much to be grateful for, and so many little life pleasures that should be appreciated instead of overlooked. So if you feel a little down about your life right now, know that you always have a choice, and you should choose to be happy and, while still alive, choose to do some epic shit.

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