101 Simple Life Pleasures

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January 6, 2013 by Diana M


There are good days and bad days, some that really suck and others that are purely amazing, but all days are made of moments. Sometimes we forget about the good moments and tend to only see the bad, overgeneralizing them into thinking that our whole life is like that. But all we have to do is to just remember the good parts and focusing on them. So here are 101 simple but oh so pleasurable moments from day to day life that will make you smile.

Feel free to comment and add some of your own.

1. Standing up in bed because the book you were reading just got to its good can’t-put-it-down part.

2. Waking up with a song in your head, then hearing it radomly during the day.

3. Seeing that your bus will arrive just after you successfully walked to the station. No rush.

4. Getting a Christmas card in the mail. Yes, an actual card, in an envelope, with a stamp on it.

5. Going to bed after a long warm, shower on a cold winter day, and wearing new, clean, cozy pj’s.

6. Getting a gift out of the blue, for no reason.

7. Making long-lasting eye contact with your crush. Yup, they’re definitely interested in you.

8. Getting ready to watch that movie that you absolutely love, complete with popcorn. And chocolate. And fluffly blankets. Boyfriend/Girlfriend optional.

9. After days and days of practicing the same song on your guitar, you finally catch a break and you can do it flawlessly. Awesome!

10. Meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while and laughing your ass off catching up.

11. Finding forgotten money bills in winter jackets. Score!

12. Waking up on a sunny Sunday morning after you slept in and feeling like putting on some happy music and dancing around.

13. A person you barely know coming up to you and saying thanks for something you said or did that actually made a difference in his or her life.

14. Sipping that perfect cup of coffee you’ve been longing for.

15. Your first kiss with your crush, and feeling all those butterflies swarming inside.

16. Watching a movie, and seeing your underdog hero getting up and striking back: Hell yeah! You go underdog hero!

17. Finding a sugar cube in your pocket that you totally forgot about.

18. Having your pet snuggle up with you in bed.

19. Last day of work/school before the holidays. 3 hours left. 2 hours left. Final hour. Vacation time!!

20. Trying out your new outfit and receiving compliments for it.

21. Singing on the top of your lungs to your favorite song.

22. Walking down the street and seeing the first snowflakes fall.

23. Stumbling upon an article or a quote that lifts your spirits.

24. Approaching the crowded checkout lines and spotting one that’s free.

25. Chocolate. Just… chocolate.

26. Walking down the street listening to music, feeling like a badass in an action movie . All that’s left is a car exploding behind you to give that final touch.

27. Laughing so hard your cheeks start hurting.

28. Getting into a Christmasy mood. Santa Claus is coming to toooowwwwwnnnnn.

29. Enjoying a nice glass of wine and some good music.

30. Being praised for something you did.

31. Realizing that you accomplished most of your New Year’s resolutions.

32. Enjoying that ice-cream that you longed for all day.

33. Falling asleep in someone’s arms.

34. Finding a funny video on Youtube and then rewatching it with your friends. Because it’s THAT funny.

35. Singing in the car on a road trip.

36. Walking in a cool place on a hot summer day and going :”aaaaah…”

37. Winning a game. Fair and square.

38. Slow dancing with your crush.

39. Talking about your passions to someone equally interested.

40. Being admired for something.

41. Spending huge amounts of time making and wrapping a personalized gift for someone just to see the look of astonishment on his/her face when opened.

42. Having a really good hair day.

43. Finding cartoons on the Internet that you used to watch on TV as a kid.

44. Eating something delicious.

45. Playing in the snow for the first time.

46. Smell of freshly baked goods.

47. Watching falling stars and making wishes.

48. Surprising someone.

49. Getting an unexpected call from someone you love talking to.

50. Watching a movie that ends up being one of your favorite.

51. Realizing you’ve just fallen in love with someone.

52. Realizing it’s Friday.

53. Discovering a new cafe.

54. Getting lost on little streets in new places.

55. That feeling you get when you just did something that completely scared you.

56. Being applauded for something.

57. Warm hugs.

58. First time going swimming in summertime, and jumping straight in the water. Why waste anymore time?

59. Sitting in bed, listening to the rain.

60. Cracking a joke that makes everyone laugh, and makes you laugh even harder.

61. Realizing that the thing you wanted to buy for so long is now on sales. Aren’t you happy you waited for it?

62. Waking up next to someone you love.

63. Traveling to a place you’ve never seen before.

64. Learning how to do something completely new, and loving it.

65. Finishing something you’ve been working on for months.

66. Acting like a kid.

67. Waking up and realizing it’s vacation. Then going back for some more sleep.

68. Receiving compliments.

69. Looking at pictures from “back in the day”.

70. Finding a memory from your childhood.

71. Getting so caught up with a book that you don’t even realize that it’s past 3 am.

72. Christmas morning. ‘Nuff said.

73. Getting a message that makes you smile from an old friend you haven’t spoken to in ages.

74. Getting really excited about something.

75. Checking off items from your to-do list and realizing you’ve done everything you set out to do. Go you!

76. Bubble baths.

77. Watching a gorgeous sunset.

78. The smell of oranges that reminds you of Christmas.

79. Enjoying a delicious treat without feeling guilty.

80. Realizing you still know all the lyrics to that 90’s song you haven’t heard in so long.

81. Being nervous for going on a date, but having a great time in the end.

82. Finding you favorite childhood toy in the store. Brings back so many memories.

83. Grandma’s specialty that you missed.

84. Singing in the shower.

85. Reuniting with someone you haven’t seen in a long time at the airport, train station or bus station.

86. Having a tickle match and laughing so hard no sound even comes out anymore.

87. Staying up to catch a breathtaking sunrise.

88. Feeling grateful for something.

89. A random act of kindness: getting a flower out of the blue, a tissue when you sneeze, a chicken soup when you’re sick, a bus ticket when you most need it.

90. Seeing a child smile at you. And smiling back.

91. Someone telling you just how awesome you are.

92. Inventing your own type of dessert and giving it a funny name. So delicious, but oh so decadent.

93. Being appreciated for your work.

94. Having the courage of telling someone how you feel. And them telling you they feel the same.

95. Shuffling your playlist and feeling like all the songs are expressing exactly how you’re feeling right now.

96. Enjoying a nice cup of tea and a good book. Simply…relaxing.

97. Cuddling up with someone to keep warm.

98. Getting awesome birthday presents!

99. Riding a bike, wind in the hair, feeling totally free.

100. Getting lost in the music, and dancing your heart out, feeling completely free.

101. Remembering all the amazing memories you made so far.


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