Things my future boyfriend should know about me

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March 19, 2014 by Diana M


I stumbled upon an image circulating on Facebook recently. It said: “How are you still single? You’re good looking, a good lover and always listening.” “Overqualified!”. It made me crack up, partially because it’s sort of true. It’s just like applying for a job you don’t know that much about, and not getting it because you’re too good for it. It kind of makes you wonder. Even so, with all the qualities we may possess and showcase in our relationship-resume, there are still some things that people might not be so accepting of. Some may be cute, some may be deal breakers, but they are still true. At least in my case they are.

So here are 12 things my future boyfriend should know about me, and preferably before starting a relationship:

1. I sing a lot. It makes me happy. I sing in the shower, I sing when I do the dishes, when I brush my teeth, hell I would even sing while walking on the street if people wouldn’t stare at me as if I just escaped from the nut house. You can either get over it or dump my sorry ass, but I will keep on singing, no matter how many neighborhood cats I scare.

2. I may come off as a bad-ass, confident woman, but I still have my insecurities. Please understand and accept that fact. It’s something that I continuously work on. I came along way since I was a teenager, but I still have a long way to go. So if I get emotional and needy sometimes, don’t hold it against me. I am not an overly attached girlfriend (or at least, I try not to be)

3. If I bug you a lot with stupid little things from my day, it means that I like you so much that I’m willing to share parts of my life with you. It doesn’t mean I’m obsessing about you, or that I have no other friends I to talk to. If it’s too much, feel to tell me to back off anytime. I will understand.

4. I’m not as organized as I should be. I’m messy and that’s just a fact. My clothes are laying around everywhere, dishes are still in the sink, and my computer definitely needs a clean up. I would love to be one of those women who have everything neatly in its corner, but unfortunately, I am not. Sorry.

5. On that same note, please don’t expect me to act like every other girl out there. I can’t cook more than the simple things that will keep me alive, I sometimes hate cleaning and taking out the trash, and I will only do the dishes if I have background music. I like wearing make-up everyday, and I try my best to look pretty, but sometimes all you’re going to see is a nerdy t-shirt, 2 week-old chipped nail-polish, messy hair, glasses and converse shoes.

6. I will watch sappy chick flicks and cry. You can join me if you want, but you can’t make fun of them (unless I am). It’s fine if you let me watch them by myself too, I have a stuffy that I’ve been cuddling with long before you came along.

7. If I’m PMS-ed, please don’t hold anything I say or do against me. I have raging hormones in my body, and I might be completely cute and lovable one minute and start bawling and asking you why don’t you love me the next minute. Just let it go and walk away. Slowly.

8. I love that you’re being a gentleman, but sometimes I want to pay for my own damn food. I worked hard for that money, and it makes me feel good to be able to treat you the way you treat me sometimes. I like being the independent woman that I am, and I also like when you pamper me, so let’s find a middle ground here, shall we?

9. I do have guy friends, and this is one of the things you will have to deal with. They have been friendzoned a long time ago, but they are important to me, as friends. I wouldn’t do to you what I wouldn’t want you to do to me. So let’s learn to trust each other and avoid that whole jealousy thing.

10. My friends, my work, my passions are also important to me. You need to understand that just because we’re in a relationship, does not mean that you will have my full and undivided attention 24/7. You will be one of the important parts of my life, but you will not be THE most important thing in my life. If things get really serious between us, then read no 12.

11. I will not drag you to go shopping with me. There is nothing worse than seeing those poor guys waiting for their girlfriends to try out outfits while questioning if this or that makes them look fat. They look like sad, hopeless little puppies and I feel sorry for them. Beside, this is what girlfriends are for. So you’re safe. 

12. If I accept to be in a relationship with you, it means that I’m all in. There is no in-between with me. And if we fall for each other, and get the chance to deepen our relationship, I assure you that you will become a priority to me, and not just an option. I will give you my all, and I will make sure that I will do everything in my power to make you as happy as you can be. I will not hold you back, I will not do you wrong, I will support you, understand and accept you just the way you are. I will be there for you every step of the way, because I will love you, and your happiness will be important to me.

Now let me ask you this: what are the things your future girlfriend/boyfriend should know about you?


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