Living across the ocean for 5 months…

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January 6, 2014 by Diana M



…is never easy. You have to leave behind your family and friends and everything you love and are used to, just to go somewhere completely new and different. You have no idea what to expect, you have no idea how it will turn out. The fear of the unknown kicks in previously to your trip, and all the bad things you’ve ever read or seen in the news are now swirling in your head all the time. What if something happens to you? What if someone steals your bags and you’re left there with nothing? What if someone kidnaps you, takes you in the middle of nowhere and disposes of your body? Anything can happen in the ‘unknown’.

And with that fear in mind, you get on a plane that will take you across the world in several hours and wake up in a whole new life. You take your previous life experiences with you and just hope for the best. I mean, what else can you do? Keep it calm, keep it cool, and hope for the best.

Living across the ocean for 5 months has giving me a whole new perspective over people and over life itself. When you say you’ve had a life-changing experience, people expect something big, something flashy, something with fireworks perhaps. What they don’t think about is being changed by small things, like the fluffyness of the pancakes eaten at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon, or the smile given to the people you work with that end up being your friends, or the crystal blue eyes of your favorite stranger to talk to, or the uncontrollable laughter at midnight with your roommates in a place you’d never thought you’d be. Or maybe it’s writing a message on a beach that you were there, with the ocean and the sand, in that moment and in that place, you were there.

Maybe life-changing experiences aren’t really meant to be all that big and flashy, maybe sometimes they’re supposed to me small, meaningful moments that somehow manage to imprint your soul. Maybe they’re just those simple moments when you wake up next to the one you love and you can’t help but smile, or when you watch your child look at you with big eyes, or when you finally manage to cook that perfect little dish you were working for hours to make.

Meaningful, life-changing, small moments. You’re just never really the same after that.


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