Introducing Message of the Week

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January 14, 2013 by Diana M

Starting this week, I want to add something called “Message of the week”. My goal is to have a weekly post in which I choose a meaningful quote or video and put in my own little interpretation of it.

Feel free to add your own views on it:


One of the worst things you can do in life is stagnate. Being trapped into a miserable life with nowhere to go is like a nightmare to most of us. And one of the reasons that we spend day after day in a hopeless rut is the fear of change. We’re afraid of doing something different because we’re afraid of failing and of being judged. We are constantly told by our family, by our teachers, by our friends what we should and should not do, but listening to them simply means we are living the life they want us to live, and not the life we imagined for ourselves.

But you know what? The best memories that I have are the ones where I did do something different, even if it turned out to be a complete and utter stupidity. Sure, I could have listened to my folks telling me not to date somebody, but even after getting trough a miserable heartbreak I did not regret that relationship, because I know that the lessons I learned from it will stick with me for the rest of my life.

So go ahead and make stupid mistakes. Stop waiting for someone’s approval of what you’re doing, stop waiting for the right time to do it, just go out there and do it, and learn from it, and live the life you want for yourself. One day, when you’ll look back at all the things that you did, you will have plenty of stories to share.

But in the end, I want you to ask yourself this: would you rather have a life of what if’s or a life of oh well, I tried?


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