25 things I learned in 2012

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December 31, 2012 by Diana M


1. Time and effort are needed to keep friendships alive; it’s really easy to lose friends because you just don’t have the time to talk to them, and it’s really hard to make time to ask people how are they doing and actually listen to them, instead of just contacting them when you need to vent or complain about your life;

2. The better you treat people, the better they treat you back. Learn to listen more, talk less; compliment more, criticize less; give more, ask for less.

3. It’s really easy to learn something new but really hard to be good at it. Even if it is something that you really love doing, things like going to work or having to clean your house or going to sleep always seem to come in the way. To be really good at something means practice-practice-practice, even when you don’t feel like it, even when you’d rather slouch in bed watching your favorite sitcom.

4. A lot of times it’s so easy to give other people advice: for their relationships, for their work, for their appearance, for their wellbeing. But then at one point, while you’re telling someone how they should get up and start doing something, a little voice in your head says: “Yeah right! Because you are soooo doing that!” Well, maybe you should start acting on your own advice before you tell someone else how to live their life.

 5. Breakups will always suck (unless you really didn’t put any feeling into it), but there’s always something to learn from them.

6. You’re never too old to read Harry Potter or dream of magical things happening to you.

7. It’s never a good idea to text someone when you’re drunk. On the same note, it’s never a good idea to start a conversation with someone and expect it to be just like the one you imagined in your head.

8. It’s ok to get frustrated and vent to your friends, just don’t make it a habit. And don’t let it take over you. You get frustrated, you vent, you move on, end of story.

9. Time really passes by way too fast, so you’d better spend it wisely and make it worth your while. Sure, you’ll have days when all you do is just sit in bed and procrastinate, but don’t let it 24/7, or you’ll wake up one day in December and be like: where did this year go? Where??

 10. Also, start writing down the new memories that you make, even if it’s as small as watching a movie that had an impact on you. When you look back, reading and remembering these little things will make you smile and think: “Yup. I did ALL those things”.

 11. Don’t miss out on things. If you have to decide between relaxing at home after a hard day’s work and going out, go out; you’ll have infinitely more chances of making new memories than the alternative. Unless you really are too tired, and are in desperate need of sleep, then you should probably stay in.

12. Being too young or too old for something isn’t such a bad thing. Being too young only means that you still have plenty of time to do things, while being too old for something means that you’ve already gathered quite a life experience and some cool memories on your way.

13. Trying new things will inevitably make you meet new and interesting people.

 14. It’s never a good idea to resent someone for making different life choices than yours; you don’t know what they’ve been through, you don’t know what their life is really like or what hardships they had to get through to be there that day, so stop being jealous or resentful of people.

15. The more you close yourself up to people, the lonelier and crankier you become.

16. Procrastination just attracts more procrastination. It’s a vicious procrastinating circle of…procrastination.

17. You should really stop expressing how you feel about certain people to other people, even if you feel like you are just stating the facts. From your perspective. Which you think is the right one. What you say about other people will just be filtered through someone else’s personal lenses and carried on in a completely different form. Gossiping and judgmental remarks will spread like wild fire. So just don’t do it.

 18. Making people smile will make you feel better no matter what. And smiling is contagious so it doesn’t matter who started it, as long as you keep on smiling.

19. Just because someone thinks that what you’re doing is stupid doesn’t mean you should stop doing it. So what if you sound like a scratched record when you sing “Dog days are over”, or when you try to learn how to knit your own sweater, if it makes you happy, why should you care what someone else thinks?

20. You really should stop assuming things about people, you just end up making an ass of yourself by investing energy into figuring out other people when you should invest energy into yourself more often.

21. Simply because people don’t approve of what you’re doing or how you’re handling things doesn’t mean that you’re doing them wrong. On the same note though, simply because you tell yourself you’re doing the right thing, won’t necessarily mean it IS the right thing to do. Listen to what other people have to say, but realize that you’re the one making the decision of taking that step, and take responsibility for it in the end.

22. When you break up with someone, it doesn’t mean you are on a mission to figure out every little thing that you (both of you) did wrong to end up in that situation. Sure, learn from your experience, but don’t overanalyze things, it will just transform you into this overly obsessed and paranoid person and keep you from moving on in a healthy, normal fashion.

23. Sometimes you should really just think less and do more. Follow Nike’s advice: just do it! Whether it’s the dishes that have been sitting in the sink for quite a while now, the paper you were supposed to turn in ages ago, or finally answering that email you postponed for weeks, just fucking do it!

24. You should share motivational stuff on Facebook, because you never know who might need to see it. You shouldn’t share just motivational stuff on Facebook, because it will piss people off. Moderation is the key.

25. It really is up to you. It’s up to you if you want to pursue those crazy dreams of yours, if you want to face your fears or take those risks. It’s up to you to solve your own problems and bring your own happy things into the mixture. Because at the end of the day, everybody is busy dealing with their own stuff to care or have time to deal with yours.


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